Which gold age spectrophotometer should I buy?

From September 26, 2013, Circular No. 22/2013/TT-BKHCN was officially issued, specifically, Decree No. 24/ND-CP stipulating measurement management in the gold business, since then, a number of relevant measures have been screened. Stable and precise compliance with regulations.

Currently, two lines of measuring machines are trusted by most factories, branches and large companies, which are:

  • Golden age meter GOLDXPERT – OLYMPUS (USA) is the only one distributed by IBC Trading Service Corporation in Vietnam with the advantage of affordable price for all subjects, excellent accuracy and stability, even better than higher value machines.
  • The second is Helmut Fischer – German machine. Pretty high value. The name is already known by many customers.

So which brand should I buy?

Gold industry is a supply chain from production and business to wholesale – retail. Therefore, if each gold business uses a different machine, there is bound to be an error and controversy – although the error is allowed, the amount is large, it is a significant amount.

In order to be able to conveniently transact with each other without having to wonder about the error, the meter must meet the standards of the Government and the BKHCN regulations. Most customers have chosen the OLYMPUS GOLDXPERT machine as a general standard (of course, to choose a machine as a general standard, the requirements are strict and to choose a standard machine, how many models have been tested).

Regarding the origin, lBC TECH commits that the machine is imported genuine genuine and especially only for Air goods with a dedicated anti-collision box, so the name and origin of the goods are clear. In terms of price, IBC TECH always matches the needs of Customers. So buying a spectrophotometer to measure the age of gold at IBC Company, customers can be completely assured of the price and quality.

“Choosing the OLYMPUS GOLDXPERT gold age spectrometer at IBC Company is the correct choice. Please contact us immediately for advice, answer questions that make you hesitant or leave information for us to contact you.”

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