Today, metalworking by beams with concentrated heat sources has been used quite commonly. These methods can be listed as: plasma beam machining, electric spark machining, electron beam machining, laser beam machining. In which, laser beam machining is widely applied in modern technology.

What is laser?

Lasers are sources of electromagnetic waves of radiation in the ultraviolet (ultraviolet), visible light and infrared regions. These energies are characterized by their high degree of monochromaticity and concentration. Therefore, the density of heat sources in the machining area is very concentrated and very high.

Applications of lasers?

Since the 1960s, people have begun to study the application of lasers in the processing of metals and other materials. Small power lasers are used for welding, cutting and some other processing technologies with small thickness metals.

Applications of lasers in the jewelry industry?

1. Ứng dụng công nghệ khắc laser

  • Engraving patterns, extremely small and delicate details that the naked eye cannot see on the jewelry.
  • Engraving the quality standard certification mark on jewelry products, helping to enhance brand recognition, avoiding counterfeiting, affecting business reputation and affecting customers’ trust in products.

2. Application of laser welding technology.

  • Jewelers can manually perform the repair of defective jewelry with a laser welding machine and observe the repair through a microscope or camera designed on the machine.
  • Jewelry made from precious metals or other alloys can be easily welded using laser technology. The laser weld is extremely powerful, does not need to be treated afterwards, can especially minimize harmful impurities deposited on the surface of the jewelry sample during the welding process.

From there we see that the application of laser helps to simplify all production processes, save time, create high quality products and bring profits to businesses. “To get high quality laser machines and equipment at affordable prices, please contact us “IBC Trading Service Corporation” via hotline. Or leave your information, we will contact you to advise and provide suitable solutions for you.”

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