Inheriting all the features and technological benefits of  “Previous brother” GOLDXPERT/ OLYMPUS has been trusted by most of the customers for many years, VANTA GX is a new advanced innovation with high evolution and upgrading.VANTA GX SU KIEN WEBP

With fast accurate testing and wide measurement range, VANTA GX allows users to measure metal content quickly without long waiting time or using many tools.

With high stability and repeatability, VANTA GX provides accurate measurement results within 100ppm. This is an extremely important value that helps the user to get the most accurate results.VANTA GX SU KIEN 2 WEBP

The modern interface on the large touch screen makes it easy for users to manipulate and process the measured results. Intuitive software for storing data (images and test results) after each measurement, printing results with logo and information at the facility help saving time, improves efficiency and professionalism of the work.VANTA GX SU KIEN 3 WEBP

Compact design saves working space, moderate weight and impact protection structure for easy to move and take anywhere.

Advanced features and outstanding advantages make VANTA GX worth the most investment as well as the “Previous brother” GOLDXPERT/OLYMPUS.

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