TVCd-XL Double Chamber Pressure Over Vacuum Casting Machine

Origin Italy

Short description:

  • Revolutionary double chamber concept
  • Automatic, robust, easy to use
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  • New revolutionary double chamber concept;
  • This innovative system gives several advantages compared with the traditional single chamber suction system currently available in the market;
  • Melting chamber and flask chamber are completely independent: while casting, the machine can control the metal injection into the mold by applying a differential pressure during pouring;
  • The casting cycle takes only few minutes and, while the previous flask is cooling down in protective gas for no oxidation, the next charge can be loaded into the crucible and melted, thus overlapping two cycles for no time waste;
  • The machine is fully automatic having also a PC based monitoring system for process parameters acquisition and production data management with easy editing of casting programs suitable for many kinds of alloy (optional);
  • This revolutionary machine is the synthesis of the most advanced engineering and years of experience in casting that only TOPCAST will bring in your factory.
Crucible capacity2-3L4L7L
Working Capacity of graphite crucible3Kg Magie, 5Kg Aluminum, 18Kg Copper alloys4,5Kg Magie, 7Kg Aluminum, 24Kg Copper alloys8Kg Magie, 13Kg Aluminum, 42Kg Copper alloys
Max flask dimension (mm)

300 mm ( option 450 mm)

Max flask height (mm)600 mm
Vacuum pumpInside machine
Pressure over vacuum1 Bar
Max. temperature1250 oC (option 1600oC)
Temperrature control2 thermocouple
  • Producing Aluminum, Brass, Bronze, Steel, Magnesium Alloys.
  • Use in transition from 3D prototyping machines to produce complex patterns quickly.
  • In accordance with the requirements in the production of molded products from wax samples.
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